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Slaying Giants creates space in your world for God to gain victory against the biggest issues of life: shame, guilt, hatred, fear, deception, rejection, selfishness, self- gratification (sex), and pride.  You can come out from under these giants through relationship with Jesus.  Mastering five solid facets of grace for relationship brings FREEDOM!  These five stones: Forgive, proclaim, repent, confess, and remember, connect you with the Godhead. Giants flee when we know our Christ-centered identity and engage in intimate relationship with Father, Son, and Spirit.  Slaying Giants integrates inner healing, deliverance, and discipleship. This reality creates expanding space for you and others to live in freedom in the kingdom of God.

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Slaying Giants: Leaders Guide

You can empower others to Slay Giants!  Use the Leaders Guide to establish a foundation of identity and relationship for those you teach.  Explain key components of each giant to begin freedom to their territory.  The guide addresses the application of the five giant-slaying stones: forgive, proclaim, repent, confess, and remember.  You share essential concepts which disconnect the giant’s marauding tendencies. The Leaders Guide includes a session summary, soul care for the teacher, targets on which to focus, icebreakers, games, a script for the session, and mission explanations to drive the points home.  Your relationship with Holy Spirit completes the experience for your group of students. Enable others to start Slaying Giants!

Slaying Giants: Slides

You will find this collection of PowerPoint documents vital to explaining concepts.  The graphics are consistent and make teaching and learning easy.  The notes section of each slide includes the script from the Leader’s Guide. Using presenter view will queue to the key points for each slide when you’re teaching. You can add or delete slides as needed for your particular group.

Slaying Giants: Workbook

You’ll look prepared and professional as students engage with material using the Workbook. Grabbing key concepts from each lesson, Workbook creates space for participants to take notes easily in these editable PDFs.  They can be shared with students as an electronic link or as a series of printed pages. Answers are underlined on the Slides and an answer key is provided. Space is given for your own thoughts or things Holy Spirit highlights during the session
The Workbook for each lesson includes a week of daily devotionals called Mesus Time.  You will find Slaying Giants brings inner healing and deliverance, but the Me-and-Jesus Time takes it up a notch. Daily discipleship is more important than a weekly conversation.  The editable PDF mentors users in reading the Bible, thinking in the New Covenant, creating healthy relational habits, and living moment by moment in freedom with the Holy Spirit. You won’t want to miss the amplification caused by the Mesus Guide.