Slaying Giants is a 14-week freedom curriculum for youth or adults which trains them to fight meaningful, real-life battles successfully. Slaying Giants creates space in your world for God to gain victory against the biggest issues of life: shame, guilt, hatred, fear, deception, rejection, selfishness, self- gratification (sex), and pride.  You can come out from under these giants through relationship with Jesus.  Mastering five solid facets of grace for relationship brings FREEDOM!  These five stones connect you with the Godhead: forgive, proclaim, repent, confess, and remember. Giants flee when we know our Christ-centered identity and engage in intimate relationship with Father, Son, and Spirit.  Slaying Giants integrates inner healing, deliverance, and discipleship. As you wrap up the series, you will confront the fear of failure, build godly strongholds, and learn how to set your peers free from these deadly giants. Unlock Freedom for yourself and others!