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Learn how to be bigger than your giants by joining together with Jesus

What is Slaying Giants?

Slaying Giants is a 14-week freedom curriculum for youth or adults which trains them to fight meaningful, real life battles successfully. Slaying Giants creates space in your world for God to gain victory against the biggest issues of life: shame, guilt, hatred, fear, deception, rejection, selfishness, self- gratification (sex), and pride.  You can come out from under these giants through relationship with Jesus.  Mastering five solid facets of grace for relationship brings FREEDOM!  These five stones: Forgive, proclaim, repent, confess, and remember, connect you with the Godhead. Giants flee when we know our Christ-centered identity and engage in intimate relationship with Father, Son, and Spirit.  Slaying Giants integrates inner healing, deliverance, and discipleship. As you wrap up the series, your students will draw a Line in the Sand, build godly strongholds and learn how to set their peers free from these deadly giants. Unlock your Freedom for you and others!

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“I thank Jesus for showing me that I am not rejected by Him but I am loved by Him. This series has helped me recognize that fact. The times I get swallowed by negativity are orchestrated by Satan. Jesus helps me recognize that and fight those thoughts.”
- C.K., Colorado
“The Slaying Giants class has emphasized the importance of confessing truth over my life and situations. I am more ready to confess, declare and decree the word over my life.”
- L.G., Texas
“I think you might need to rename the Slaying Giants course to "The Father's Embrace". This journey is rich almost beyond bearing... Maybe because I've been in the desert for so long the restoration is s-o-o-o very sweet! I'm standing as close as I can though so I can S-T-R-E-T-C-H and be able to hold even more! ”
- J.B., Colorado

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